Cash Flow Finance

Invoice Financing is a way to access your unpaid invoices re release the cash tied up in unpaid sales invoices  Often known as Debtor Financing and close to an overdraft, it’s essentially a credit line backed by your invoices, not your family home.

You don’t have to wait for your clients to pay you with Invoice Finance, whether you need to pay vendors, pay salaries or have other obligations to uphold.

We know your cash flow can be difficult to manage, which is why we will provide funds within 24 hours.

We also know that situations can change rapidly and that flexibility is always necessary. This is why we have to choose from a variety of alternatives. You will determine what suits your company best, right down to the invoices from which you wish to borrow.

We can help:

  • Companies seeking a new finance partner
  • Rising companies looking to fund new projects
  • Businesses needing immediate cash infusion

Why Choose Nova Working Capital?

Outcome driven and Available to you 24/7 just a phone call

Fund Startups

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Spot single debtor & full ledger solutions available

Cash flow solutions from $20K to $1M

We Settle Fast

80% Advance Rate

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Free online invoicing & debtors ledger software

24 hrs Approval

24/7 online access to Factored account

Assistance in credit collections